Adding endings….

No more characters until ver 1.0.


green: have ending pic(*)   red: doesn’t have ending pic

*all hiddens have ending pic

mugen1i’ve made a sff for each character that’s why the “end” folder is now 12,6 gb. i should have split the main sff in two or more parts but i prefer this way

p.s:into update 1.41v2 i’ve uploaded wrong char.sff. For now use the one into 1.41

need a portrait?

From now on i’ll take portrait request(but only qofr/HL3 compatible). I’ll do  this for fun   since the biggest part is done.

Meanwhile i’ll keep working on  qofr.

What i need:

  • a real email.
  • 1 portrait per email. It means that if you need more than one you need different emails.
  • [1 standing picture or full set of images (+1 sexy pic<< optional)] r18 allowed.
  • i don’t need the character. Even if sent with the request, it’ll not be shared here.
  •  it’s free
  • i’ll  do 1 portrait request per week, it doesn’t matter how manies are on the list.
  • (png format- arcade intro is optional,must be specified in the email. )
  • portraits will be sent by email.
  • Character must be female.. or raper (if compatible). Original version must exist
  • too low res images will not be taken into consideration.

I’ll use a request counter if  there are too many requests.

It indicates how many portraits requests are on the list.Requests can even be on characters already in qofr.(If the portrait is good it will replace the one in qofr)




UPDATE 1.41v2


  • ZANGYURA(p.fix)
  • CHIJO (p.fix)
  • minor fix to screenpack
  •    mugen000mugen000p.s:yep, i’ve removed names from lifebars..cos imo aren’t needed and cos i prefer a clean screen.


About patch 15…

  • it’ll probably fill the select screen with remaining characters slots
  • it’ll not be the  last one… More fixes are needed…..of course
  • it should require more time than other patches.(depending on my free time).
  • it’ll not contain the ending/congratulations screen….(for who is interested like me)….i’m still working on it.

also i just want to say that i know each single defect of the game from portraits,sound, ai,bad sff ecc ecc…for example i know that arcana and some kof portraits looks bad than others as  some stage’s bgm and that some char still have the flashing palettes issue caused by a bad sprites ordering….or palette sharing…(or caused by me of course ^^)…but as far i can tell the graphic part should looks enough ok now…… least i hope so.



P.S: Hope Raiya’s portrait is fine now.