UPDATE 1.32v2


  • minor fix

Sry..these days i was working on another website related to my job.Work on 2 website is really frustrating and i’ve to admit that i’m starting to feel a little tired. Anyway is my intention to end this mugen. (Of course i even think that someone already filled everything with chars stage sound ecc..ecc..), .I’m doing this cos i want to make a good game for myself (even if ryona lol) and  i feel  obbligated to share this cos nothing here is of my own property and cause many people shared their works for mugen community’s  sake and not only for the ryona part. (at least is what i feeled until now – even if we don’t know each other-). That said; i’m thinking to fill the last row with some character i love (e.g. Cassandra), and more rapers (due to the lack of compatible characters.and maybe “the return of Hentaiman” -use this for a movie title pls.-).- Anyway i’m just thinking. – …….I can modify chars, stages, ecc..ecc.. but i really doubt that i’ll eve enough strenght and will after the completion of this project. I’ve lost the count on how many sprites/pictures i’ve edited XD…..and bugged, glitched…..Never tought that this project could have required almost 2 or more years.(hope i’m doing well).But Keep in mind that i’m doing this in my free time ….

Sry for this  “bla..bla..post”  (i promise, it’s the last one before 1.0 release)…….Hope you enjoyed my fail engrish ….

New Update almost ready..Stay tuned.